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Academy of Fine Arts

Juan Diego students may obtain a special Academy of Fine Arts designation on their student transcripts. The Academy of Fine Arts provides four areas of focus: Music, Visual Art, Dance, and Theatre. Each student will be assigned a mentor based on their area of focus to guide them through the process of completion. Students may enter the Academy of Fine Arts in either their Freshman or Sophomore year, and complete the following requirements to receive the Academy of Fine Arts designation:


• Coursework: Students will complete AP Course(s) and 2 or more years of advanced fine arts classes or ensembles to be selected from the following: Advanced Art, Advanced Ceramics, Sculpture, Advanced Dance, Dance Company, Advanced Theatre, Wind Symphony, Advanced Percussion, Orchestra, and Concert Choir. Students will also complete courses of study for each specific area of focus.


• Extracurricular Participation: Students will complete the equivalent of three years of active participation in Fine Arts extracurricular activities. These activities may include theatre productions, art shows, dance concerts, and musical performances.


• Participation in an accredited Fine Arts Festival: Students will qualify for and participate in one or more of the following as directed by the department mentor: Region/State solo and ensemble, All-state Band/Orchestra/Choir, Region/State Theatre, Utah Shakespeare Competition, University Dance Workshop, All-state Art Show.


• Service: As a part of their required JDCHS service hours, the student will perform service related to the arts including but not limited to: tutoring, solo performance, and volunteer work within the community. All service work must be approved by the department mentor.


• Academy of Fine Arts Final Project: Students will prepare and create a cumulative final project in coordination with their department mentor. As outlined by their mentor the project could include one of the following: solo music recital, dance recital/choreography, character thesis role, theatre technical design, student-directed one-act, or art show. Each final project will be supported by in-depth research to be presented to a committee. Students wishing to receive Academy of Fine Arts designation on their transcripts must obtain faculty signatures for all of the above requirements by the end of the Fall semester of their Senior year.

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